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About Grafford

Grafford is an online gallery representing select artists and their works. 


Graphics / Graffiti

Grafford is where we present and promote exhibition projects with our favorite artists.

Our collaboration is a creative 2-way street, where themes, talent, critique, and encouragement become valuable art collections.



Your purchases afford artists opportunity to practice their talents and live out their callings.

Buy to keep. Invest to sell. Or both.

Buying art makes you a part of that artist’s life, even anonymously. You know you’ve made a difference. They know it… feel it. More than money, it’s affirming.



“A shallow place in a river or stream allowing one to walk or drive across.”

Often artists are stuck, unable to cross over and realize their visions. It’s our hope that Grafford will help artists cross over to the other side.


Featured Collections

Artists and works represented by Grafford are selected by our gallerist, and curated by our team. 

Elizabeth Trapped

New Collection

by Unknown

To be revealed soon.

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